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The probability of an impossible event is 0; that of an event that is certain to occur is 1. 3.
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  • P(B): The probability of event B.
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    If A and B are independent events, then the probability of A and B occurring together is given by.

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  • So the chance of getting 2 Kings is 1 in 221, or about 0.
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    " For example, \(P(A\mid B)\) is read as "Probability of A given B.

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  • The calculator generates solution with detailed explanation.
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  • " For example, \(P(A\mid B)\) is read as "Probability of A given B.
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    NCERT Solutions For Class 12.

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    You use the conditional probability formula which is P(A/B) = P(A and B)/P(B).